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Zeina Homes has been in the home building industry for over half a century, gaining knowledge and experience with various building projects. We are proudly a canadian company whose home builders St. Catharines team has been building homes all over Southern Ontario and ever apartments overseas. Zeina Homes is a family business, currently directed by third generation builders. With humble beginnings, we have grown largely as a home building company by building magnificent and quality homes for decades. As home builders, our home builders St. Catharines experts have satisfied so many families and that is the major contributor to our success. We would be nothing without our loyal and satisfied clients. We are the most trusted home builders to build custom homes for families who deserve everything they want. Our home builders St. Catharines crew has an unparalleled reputation for excellence in every home building construction project we are given.

Our home builders St. Catharines exprets are exceptionally talented and innovative. They will bring your home dreams to life. Families have come to us over the years with customized blueprints or ideas for their home and our home builders St. Catharines specialists have satisfied their every wish. Zeina Homes is run by a family to make families happy. We give homeowners the help they need to achieve everything they want from a home. Our home builders St. Catharines contractors are courteous, attentive and caring, and always go above and beyond to fit in every detail you ask for. We love seeing homeowners smile when we hand them the keys to their finished home, and knowing that our home builders St. Catharines team made someone else incredibly happy makes us smile too!

Zeina Homes has been awarded many Home Builders’ Association Awards of Distinction over the past few years. Our home builders St. Catharines group prides ourselves on hard work, excellent customer service, and pleasing others. Zeina Homes build customs homes in various regions of Southern Ontario including St Catharines, Oakville, Halton, Hamilton, Dundas and more. We have a new model home just outside St.Catherines! Visit Zeina Homes or contact us to learn more about our home builders St. Catharines experts. Let us be the custom home builders to hand you the keys to your new dream house!